16 - 18 October 2020

ISUOG Virtual Congress!

Webinar Series: Harnessing Genetics – Getting the most out of Prenatal Screening

Visit the Natera virtual booth and click on "Today's Webinar". Attendee links will be active 10 minutes before sessions start.

Session 1
Friday, 2.10 pm BST

NIPT pitfalls and predictions: getting a closer look at challenging situations

Dr. Samantha Leonard (France), Prof. Dr. Waldo Sepulveda (Chile), and Dr. Veronika Frisova (Czech Republic).

Session 2
Saturday, 2.10 pm BST

Integrating NIPT with carrier screening: what difference does it make to use a pan-ethnic enhanced testing strategy?

Dr. Samantha Leonard (France)

Session 3
Sunday, 2.10 pm BST

Beyond the tip of the iceberg: taking NIPT to the realm of single-gene disorders

Dr. Samantha Leonard (France) and Prof. Dr. Danielius Serapinas (Lithuania).

Oral and Poster Presentations

Electronic Poster

VP29.11 Obstetrics electronic posters

Title: High-positive predictive values across maternal ages in non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy

Presenter: Samantha Leonard

Oral Presentation

Saturday, October 17, 15:50-16:50 (BST)

OC11.01 Screening of chromosomal anomalies

Running for Top Abstract Award

Title: Clinical experience with carrier screening in a general population: support for a pan-ethnic approach

Presenting Speaker: Peter Benn

Poster Discussion

Sunday, October 18, 11:30-12:10 (BST)

VP08.02 The role of ultrasound in the Labor Ward, Genetics and New technology

Title: Noonan syndrome screening by non-invasive prenatal testing for single-gene disorders

Presenting Speaker: Peter Benn